How to write SEO friendly blog posts

I am sharing what I have learned about how to write SEO friendly blog posts. I am still lacking and not the best out there but I would like to share what I have learned so far on my blogging journey.

Create an article or post which will answer or solve the problem of your readers

I have learned from different famous blogger and how I incorporate it into my blogging. I am just elaborating in a way how I understand and use it on my blog post

The blog post/article needs to answer the query (keyword) and format the article in a way that will help the user which will be different for every keyword (Question or Query)


How many words require to write SEO (Search Engine Optimization) optimize your blog post. It depends on your query (keyword) and the competitiveness

The basics of adding your keyword in title, URL and Meta description still applies

It is just too little for a blog post. You can elaborate with using stories even if it is about FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) try to cover every little step and elaborate in the best you can

Search for the keyword (query or question) you are targeting and go through the first page or top 10 SERP (Search Engine Result Page) posts. Your job will be to make a better post or version shown in the SERP results

You probably will hear or read about this numerous times make it’s worded in terms of thousands like at least 2000 words but I have seen those blog post who is on the first page of google search have 5000 words plus and goes up to 10,000 plus words on their blog post to get that position in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) on the first page of google search

If you write about a very detailed post on a very competitive keyword (query) considered it standard because you need to beat your competitors

Do not add your keywords too many times in a single blog post then it becomes keyword stuffing.

The only place where you need them are in the title tag and once on your meta description within the first 100-150 words which is probably the basics of SEO

Google uses A. I to understand what is the intend of the searcher and try to display the best result in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

There is something you can do is write an in-depth or definitive guide about your query (keyword)

If you explain with proper research or data that is still considered a good quality post. In the end it might end up long or short doesn’t matter but make sure your content deliver on the search query (keyword)

It is intimidating, well consider it as apart of blogging. It won’t be easy when you started out as a blogger.

Just consider it as a journey every blogger has to go through when they started blogging.

We all know that the competition is really tough now to get on the first page of Google but doesn’t mean that it is impossible.

You probably might or might not notice it. Do make sure you write your blog post in a small paragraph so that it won’t look intimidating for your blog post readers to able to read and skim

The recommended paragraph length is 1 line for the shortest, 6 lines for the longest and everything in between

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