Show author profile below post in Blogger

This blog post will be making a tutorial on how to show the author profile below post in Blogger. It is to show a little about which you want to show people who visit your page so, that they can know or learn about you.

Which also gives proof that he/she can ask for help or guide which you may have passed that stage if you happen to make a guide for others to follow at certain topics

FIRST, Go to your blogger blog, In the left side of your interface look for layout option and click it

SECOND, It will take you to another page options where changes can be made regarding the theme of your blog and from among them look for blog posts (main blog or the content of your blog).

Under Blog posts,

look for the edit button it could be in the upper or lower part which will be either pen/pencil logo and click on it. 

THIRD, Another page will show up in a pop-up form. Look through the options and click on the box or tick the box in front of the sentence saying show author profile below the post

LASTLY, In that same pop-up page scroll down and click on the Save button to make the changes in your blogger blog

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