How to add a user to Google search console

The guide will help you on how to add a user to a Google search console or webmaster tools. As a webmaster or site owner to register/add your website and can track the performance in SERP (Search Engine Results Page). It is a free tool from Google.


There is two option such as full is where you made a person an Admin who will have access to the search console like you the owner/admin wheres In restricted is where you invite/hire someone just to manage the account doesn’t have access to sitemaps, removals, and settings like an Admin/owner

FIRST, log in to your account dashboard, choose settings and select user & permissions

SECOND, click on the add user button which is blue in color at the upper right side

LASTLY, A popup page will be shown

Enter the email > Choose either Full or Restricted under permission > click on the Add option


The process is applicable for removing a user and yourself from an account. An image with instructions are added to help you with the action you need to take on your account

FIRST, Go to your account dashboard, choose settings and click on users & permissions

SECOND, Look horizontally to the email, click on the three dots which are placed vertically and click on remove access

LASTLY, Apoup page will be shown and click on remove user

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