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This blog post will be making a tutorial on how to show recent or latest posts widget for Blogger. It is similar to the post I have to publish or written in the past. The way it is set up is similar but only the outcome is different in this case. It can be seen by anyone who views any of your blog pages.

There can be a maximum of 5 (five) posts can be shown on your website/blog which is recently published

FIRST, Go to your blogger blog, on the left side of your interface look for layout and click on it

SECOND, Find a suitable place to promote those new or recent posts. It can be only be promoted at places which have you can see or find add a gadget section buttons. 

Best place will be the sidebar

THIRD, when you are done choosing or clicking on the add a gadget button you will have a pop-up page with multiple options. scroll down and search for feed when you find it. Click on it

FOURTH, You will have another pop-up page. where you can find a box to add a URL name so, enter your URL name and click continue for the next step

LASTLY, The last pop up page where you can just use the default mode. If not,  

a) At the title you can use the default name of your blog or rename it as recent posts. 

b) you can choose how many posts you want from your latest or recent post to promote but only a maximum of 5 (five) posts and you can use the default mode for the other options. 

c) It will have a small rectangle shape with outlines where you can see the preview of the posts of your recent post to show or promote in your blog posts

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