How to hide powered by Blogger

This is about how to hide powered by Blogger. A few ways are there from my experience. The thing a lot of people needs is proper instructions and necessary code to implement on their website then almost everyone can make the changes they need do on their site

I would recommend using codes only if you know what you are doing. If not Your website can get penalized by Google and you will lose your ranking

You can consider this method as a tip or trick

FIRST, Log in to your dashboard and click on the Theme option

SECOND, click on the Customize button which is orange in color

LASTLY, Choose the options the way I lay it out

Advanced > choose Attribution from the options > Under Attribution, I’ll choose white for all the options for attribution text color, attribution link color, and attribution icon color (here pick the same color as your theme background so it can blend in) > click on Save


This is how you would remove/delete the attribution or footer credit powered by a blogger using CSS. I will try to make the process as simple as I can

FIRST, Go to your blogger dashboard and click on the Theme option

SECOND, The orange customize button, click on it

LASTLY, Follow the numbers as instructed

Expand Advanced > choose Add CSS option > Paste or Add code given below > click on the Save button

#Attribution1 {display: none!important;}

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