How to hide post date in WordPress

To make your site stand the test of time, this is how to hide date in WordPress. It will improve your CTR (Click Through Rate) and directly improve your ranking in SERP.

SEO of your website/blog will be improved if you look at it for a grand scheme of things

We will be using a plugin called wp old post date remover and you can set the number of days as you wish. It will take some time to see the changes in SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

FIRST, log in to your dashboard and click on the plugins option from the left side of the interface

SECOND, choose to add new option after the plugins expand

THIRD, Next to rectangular box search for wp old post date remover, install and activate the plugin

FOURTH, Go to your plugins again and choose installed plugins if not chosen by default

FIFTH, Under WP old post date remover, click on the settings text option

LASTLY, You can set how long or the number of days of your recently published blog post to show its date and click on the save changes button

The lowest number you can use is 1 day

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