22 SEO tips for Website | You need in 2021

The best and easy points for beginners (novice) to advance Bloggers. Tips or tricks for a website that you can implement yourself to a new or existing site could be yours or a client to rank higher or climb in the ranking of SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

This doesn’t mean you will start getting results in a day, week or month. It’s a long term thing and considers it an investment that you will reap the benefits from it later but not right now


The easiest answer I can give you is to get creative with your content to make it stand out but that’s not all there is to it If no one search about it then it’s not worth writing.

A blog which addresses the problems people search about and provide a solution to it

There should be auto-suggestion when a search for something like Google will try to guess your next words. That shows you can write about it.

Try to think of it in such a way that you are trying to solve people problems which they would search about it on the net

E.A.T (Expertise Authoritativeness Trustworthines)

There are two types I know which are Profession and everyday expertise.

A website about Medical and Finance will be in YMYL (Your money your life) category or niche related and is not recommended unless it’s your Profession. A possible way is to have someone who has the credentials to be apart of your team

As for everyday expertise like Gardening, Cooking, Fishing, etc. you need someone who has an interest and does it as a hobby be it weekly or whenever he/she has time. has the credentials to become an expert in time by sharing their experience

B.E.R.T (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers)

It has affected about 10% of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) as of now and it is believed or expected most of the search results in the coming years. Google will use A.I (Artificial Intelligence) to understand the searcher intent and deliver the contents to match what the person was looking from the words or sentence


Add a point or two which answer a specific query for search engines. When creating your content separate them into a small paragraph at maximum 5-6 lines and even 2-3 lines of small one are also recommended

If you can win it you will be getting a decent amount of search traffic to your website even though you can’t rank for competitive keywords


This might not be much of an option when you are starting out or when you still have little content. Once you have a decent amount in your blog try to link to each other but only the posts which complement each other

To provide more for a person to look out for the situation or stage they are in. It can be in different ways like providing more information or something which the person is likely to need or go through because you been in the situation before them. It gives a good impression to rank brain if people spend more time on your website


Use which is relevant to your blog post or article which can describe your content and don’t forget to optimize each and every image which can help you get a lot of page views through it

I cannot tell what type of niche has a huge search volume but there and don’t forget to properly optimize your images


I think there is no guarantee for everyone to make a good video I mean in terms of production but you can do is make it a video that contains a piece of good or helpful information. About the quality of your videos it will improve with time and experience


This is high quality in terms of production and yes it takes effort to make them as well. it’s just eye candy to watch them in blog posts. the animation types which also explain certain things in highly recommended if you make willing get to put in the effort or money.


You need as many as you can about your niche which answers a specific question or query within your niche. These are easier to rank compare to general terms like SEO which will be hard for if you are an individual and in early in your early days

Build and get your website to have trust from Google from raking high on specific search queries and you can build you or go for those bigger search terms who have high search volume


You can reach out to someone who is well known within your niche reach out to him/her. Make or write a blog post or article for this which you can get a reputable backlink and can get to tons of traffic from it.

You should be in someone who is in the same niche as you. It is not the most obvious one but it is still a great option to reach out to people readers who will find your content helpful or informative

There is something you need to do or know, makes that a no-follow backlink


I know you need good high-quality images but it can affect the performance as well if not done correctly. The picture straight out of your camera or phone will be MB which is big in size for a site so, I would suggest you decrease the size KB


Name your title in such a way it arouses people curiosity or will provide information that needs in the post or article

In Meta tag, you need to include the keyword you are targeting in the first few lines which you would see in Google SERP


The post you are writing should have the same sentence right after your domain name I will take this post as example www. things4blog .xyz / SEO – tips – for – small – business


A Google service you need so, you can understand more about your website as a whole or each page performance too. You can know where your readers are from and their average age.

The country where your readers are from, Return or regular who come back more than once to your blog for more information, how long does a person spend on your website on average and those who have been in your website for the first time

These are some of the basic stats you can see them in your analytics


The moment you start building your website you should submit it as soon as you can. You are telling Google that this my site so, bots can start crawling and you want to rank in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

By doing this you submitting your website to Google and to rank them.
I think you would already know that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) just takes time


I mean not unnecessarily when the information or content has changed or became irrelevant then you should go through your contents and add or make changes accordingly to make it relevant. Doing it twice a year is the most recommended.

The moment you notice or see changes you should update or add more information according to your post


For WordPress, it is SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and it’s a one-time payment but a premium one will be more expensive but not compulsory. There are some hosting provider who can provide it free when you buy their hosting

In Blogger, it’s free of cost the only thing you need to is to activate it.

It might not be an important ranking factor for now but seems like it will in time.

As voice search will become more and more popular you are making your website optimized for it as well before it became the standard in the industry


Make your website a fast as possible by using less plugin or widget. Don’t be too concerned about how it looks a simple plane design will work with only necessary plugins for your website. You just need to deliver with your content

Put your URL in Google page speed insights if it does more than 60 it’s good. It will give you direction on what you can improve upon for your site. Your site needs to have a decent amount pageviews from Google so, it will have enough data to show you


If you can get quality ones even if it a few which would be a better option than tons of spammy type. Another way is to make your blog the most helpful one you can possibly make within your niche.

The people who you are targeting are the ones who would be doing this likely the first time so, always keep that in mind when you are creating


You need to make legit content in such a way you learn or understand it first and layout really helpful content in such a way that people will spread your brand or website through a social share, word of mouth because it helps people who need and receive the information from your contents.

Do networking be it offline or online as well when people start making a search about your brand it’s a good sign. It might not happen right away but if it continues you will climb in the ranking as well.

Google will take it as a legit brand doing the right things in their industry which get you a good impression and you climb in the rankings


In WordPress, you can remove it but do this only in the early days of your website because you will lose your rankings. I would only recommend doing this only when you don’t have a choice but to fix or change it

In blogger, you might be able to do it through coding but you are risking your whole blog as well

For both the platform I would suggest you update the date every year in the first few months


All I will mention are free. They are helpful in giving you ideas or suggestions but not the most accurate. the numbers you will get are mostly through estimates. There will be times it will give you the correct numbers but not all the time

I will talk about something which stands out to me for each tool I will mention here or add more in the future

a) Google trends – You can check or search your niche or industry relevancy. If it’s a dying one I would not recommend it

b) Ubersuggest– It gives you something which only paid tools to provide before this. You can check your competitor’s backlinks. who links to them

How to add Ads.txt file


Ads.txt or Authorised Digital Sellers is an IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau). It helps ensure that your digital ad inventory is only sold to those who you recognized or identified as authorized. Having your own Ads.txt gives you more control over who is or is allowed to sell Ads on your site.

It is highly recommended to have them on your site or more like a necessity now because it can help curb counterfeit inventory or invalid activity being presented to Advertisers

For AdSense, It can take from a few days to a month depending upon your traffic which means if it makes many ad requests or not

You just need to change the 0’s to your Publisher ID

google.com, pub-0000000000000000, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0


FIRST, log in to your blogger blog and click on the Settings option

SECOND, Scroll down look for monetization section, turn on enable custom ads.txt by pushing the button to the right side, and click on custom ads.txt

LASTLY, Add/paste the custom Ads.txt you generate from your publisher account and click on the save text which is at the bottom right side


I will be using a plugin called Ads.txt Manager to add in your WordPress site

FIRST, log in to your WordPress blog and click on plugins option from the left side of your interface

SECOND, After it expands choose and click on add new

THIRD, Search for ads.txt in the box next to the keyword. An install and activate the Ads.txt Manager plugin

FOURTH, Click on the settings option which is the last second on the list

FIFTH, It will have multiples option among them choose and click on Ads.txt

LASTLY, Add your code or file in the empty rectangular box and click on save changes button


The platform for your blog could be in Blogger or WordPress. You can follow the steps I have laid out to add your ads.txt file to your respective blog so, you keep earning from AdSense and other third-party ad networks.


Change the word your domain to your URL or domain name and search it in your browser. If it shows you your code or file then it is working

How to add external theme in WordPress

It is about how to manually add an external theme in WordPress. I would assume everyone receives three free themes. You would know by now that there are a few free themes provided to get your website or blog up and running maybe it might be different for every hosting service. I can’t confirm for every service provider

It’s more likely that you want to use a customize or paid one for faster load speed so, you can have an edge over your competitor.

I bet you will click on the back button if it takes too long and has done this myself too


By changing your theme you won’t lose any of your contents

Make sure to download a backup/XML of your while site

You are changing only the UI/UX of your site

I recommend everyone to always have a backup file of their whole site for safety measure

FIRST, Login to your blog, choose and click on appearance option on the left side of your interface

SECOND, It will expand with more options and by default, it will choose themes if not click on it

THIRD, At the top of the page, you will find add new button and click on it


You can see a square box with a plus sign in the middle with a text add a new theme and click on it

FOURTH, The page will refresh or reload with a new option button which will say upload theme and click on that

LASTLY, Click on choose file and browse through your computer or you can do a drag and drop. You can just upload the .zip file directly from your computer without the need to extract or unzip it

WordPress profile picture without Gravatar

Let’s add a WordPress profile without a gravatar. As you would already know it would be a hassle to go to a new site, register and maybe even verify yourself through your e-mail just to upload a picture.

This can be done through your blog with the help of a plugin. The one I will be using is WP User Avatar. Which you just need to install and activate it. I have not to experience the requirement for a specific size

FIRST, Login to your blog and click on plugins option from the left side of your interface

SECOND, It will expand with a few options and click on add new

THIRD, Search for an avatar next to keyword box and I am going to install and activate the WP User Avatar

FOURTH, You can find or see Avatars option in the last option of your interface and click on it

FIVE, After opening the page, under Default avatar, click on the choose image button

SIXTH, Click on the select file to browse through your computer or drag and drop your picture

SEVEN, It will load or show your picture and click on the select button on the lower part of the right side of the page

LASTLY, Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Save changes button

How to add about the author in WordPress

The steps you need on how to add about the author bio box in WordPress. As I would assume you already have an idea of what you want to write or add about yourself. It would be something like a summary of you on how and what led you into this profession

This part is where everyone visits your website will most likely see so, it’s like an introduction, in other words, it is like your about me page which is a shorter version

FIRST, Login to your blog and click on users which in the left side of your interface among the editing options

SECOND, It will expand with a few options from among them choose or click on your profile

LASTLY, Under about yourself, you will have a rectangular box to enter or write things which will describe you or your company

How to stop Blogger from tracking my Pageviews

Got a blog, here is how to stop Blogger from tracking my Pageviews. From my experience, I used to open my posts a lot even though I have drastically reduced it to a certain amount now. It is mostly for customizing the look on your website

It is a simple process where you just have to ask or give permission to blogger to add a blocker in your browser in short. It is recommended to do this on all your browser if you use more than one

FIRST, Login or go to your blogger blog, from the options in the left side of the interface choose the stats option and click on manage tracking your own pageviews or manage the tracking of your own pageviews text which is at the bottom

LASTLY, A page will open in a new tab and tick the box just before the sentence which says don’t track my views for this blog

How to change site Language in WordPress

Here is how to change the site language in WordPress. You think about blogging with your native (mother tongue). It will be fine if you don’t have thoughts on monetizing and earn from it. You can do this just because you like it and provide information for people

Your target audience will be much lesser if you compare it with English written blogs. There is still a lot of people who search for anything or everything even if English is not their first language.

There are 123 language supported by WordPress

You can monetize your website if your language (Mother’s tongue) is recognized by Google through AdSense

FIRST, Login into your blog and click on settings which is the second from the bottom of the long list of options to be specific

SECOND, The options will expand with multiple options and it will choose general by default if not click on it which is first on the list

LASTLY, Look for site language, horizontally there will be a rectangular box pick your preferred one for your blog or website

How to add Favicon in WordPress

You can follow these steps on how to add Favicon in WordPress. I have talked a bit about it when I wrote about it for blogger. You can consider it apart of branding for you and your website/blog

The recent update rolls out by Google made it is necessary for every website/blog to have it, on the contrary, the sites who do not have it will have a penalty but nothing major will use your logo instead

The minimum recommended is 512 x 512 pixel which is for both the length (tall) and breath (wide). The site icon should be square in size

FIRST, Login to your blog and click on Appearance option on the left side of your interface

SECOND, It will expand with options, choose and click on customize

THIRD, A pop-up page will slide in the from the left side of your screen and click on the Site Identity option

FOURTH, You can see or find site icon on the lower part of the page and click on the select site icon

FIFTH, A page will load and click on the button to browse through your computer or you can do a drag and drop as well

SIXTH, The image or photo will be shown and will be chosen by default. Click on select button on the lower right side of the page

SEVEN, It will show you a preview on the page with the option to crop as per your liking.

You can click on Skip cropping option to go to the next step

LASTLY, Click on the Published button which is on the upper part on the next page

How to change permalink in Blogger

This blog post will be making a tutorial on how to change or edit the permalink/URL in Blogger post.

The recommended numbers of characters you can use is under 60 characters.

which is a short sentence if you count it in words. The main reason is to optimize it for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but it’s not the only criteria for SEO.

It is to change your Blogger URL match with the contents for that particular post.

Doesn’t recommend it unless necessary because you will lose ranking and traffic once you change it

It is about working on even the small little things if you want to rank higher or better on SERP (Search Engine Results Page). 

FIRST, Go to your blogger blog, click on the post/article you want to edit

SECOND, Look in the right side of your interface and scroll down a little you will be able to see the permalink

THIRD, In the upper right side, you will find/see a triangle shape which is pointing right, click on it to revert the post to draft and click go back/dashboard

FOURTH, Go to the post again which you have revert it to draft, expand permalink choose custom permalink option and you can change/edit it

Don’t forget to add hyphen/dash between every word

FIFTH, Publish the post again by click on the triangle shape which is on the upper right side

LASTLY, A popup page with publish post will be shown and click on confirm text

How to create multiple blogs on Blogger

For this blog post will be making a tutorial on how to create multiple blogs on blogger. It is definitely better to have multiple rather than write about many topics on a single blog that are not related.

A blog that is in a specific niche, which talks about every possible thing about it has a better chance ranking better on SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rather than a site that talks about everything out there.

FIRST, Go to your blogger blog, when you are on the interface look for your blog name on the upper left part and click on the triangle shape horizontally to your blog/website name

SECOND, You can see or find your existing blog and below it, you will see a word saying new blog. choose and click on it

THIRD, A pop-up page with create a new blog will be shown where you will have to enter a title you want for your blog/website and click on the next text

LASTLY, A new popup page will be shown again to enter the address which will become your domain or URL for your site. You can either use the same title or another word or sentence which will depend on the availability

Click on the save text to create or make a new blog