How to create a free website and earn money

This post is about how to create/make a free website or blog and earn money from home online without investment and it gives you a free domain name and hosting.

I will be showing you the beginner guide on starting a blog/website on blogger. Which of course, the platform is free for anyone and everyone. You just need to create or have a Google G-mail account

Here’s the caveat, it will still take a lot of effort and time on your part to make it work

You can start your own site while reading this post and it only takes a few minutes.

The only thing you need is to follow my guide or how-to steps one at a time to create your own blog/website on blogger.


There are two types of the domain you will have, the free one has www. which doesn’t have a professional look or feel to your blog URL but you can start blogging on blogger but your domain extension will have

On the other hand, you can buy a domain from Google through blogger which cost between $12-15 including taxes or from another third party connect it with your blogger blog/website the prices may vary according to the extension

You will have a domain name which will be like The name of your choice in the example (domain name or sentence) if the name is available.


You need to keep publishing by creating content through blog posts/articles which can be informative and helpful.

When your website/blog has around 20-30 blog posts or article and a decent amount of view regularly you have a high chance of getting Adsense if you did not don’t lose hope keep working on your contents and you will eventually get it

I will recommend you to create/make these pages for every site

In time, You will qualify and the earning tab will be activated in blogger then you can monetize your website/blog with Google AdSense with the help of their ads which are Banner types to start making money


A few things you need to know is you have to be 18 years or above and a bank account in your name is also required. If you’re not old enough then you can use any one of your family members who are old enough and have a bank account

The AdSense account name and bank account name need to match

AdSense can be applied/created for anyone as long as the person or identity is different. It can be your family members or someone else but you cannot make multiple accounts for one person or identity


You have the option to customize your theme/template or buy a premium or paid version to add them to your blog/website. It is not necessary but the most important one is your content needs to deliver

If you have the money to invest or know how to customize it then do it but keep in mind people come to your site for the information, not the design

You can start working on your first blogger post


A step by step guide on how to start a blog or website on Blogspot/blogger

FIRST, Go to your google chrome browser and search for the blogger to create a blog/website


Look for the nine square in the right upper part of your google chrome, click on it and choose blogger

SECOND, You will be on the blogger page. Click on the create your blog button or sign-in on the right upper part of the page

THIRD, It will take you to your Google account sign in and you will have to sign in using your Google account.

FOURTH, Choose an account of your choice if you have multiple or choose the account you have and re-enter your password to log in 

FIFTH, A page which has two profile option to choose. Do make sure to choose the second one which is blogger profile

SIXTH, You will have to make a name for your blogger profile which will show on your blog. That is for you to decide which name will be a good choice for you and click continue to blogger button

SEVEN, You will see a button that says create a new blog and click on the button. The notification is regarding GDPR on the rectangular box. You will need to add necessary pages for your website/blog

EIGHT, A pop-up page where you will have to enter your blog name and domain. I would suggest you have multiple names because the domain name of your choice may not be available except if you are lucky in choosing or naming your domain. Once done, click on the create blog on the lower part of the pop-up page

NINE, A pop-up page with buy domain from Google domains will be suggested or click on the no thanks button to continue. That is for you to decide. It is what I was talking about it in the beginning part of this blog post. 

TEN, Once, you are in your dashboard, click on the new post text option which will be in the left side of your interface

LASTLY, You will have a page where you will enter your content which means you have to type it texts by text or word by word. Copy and paste don’t work in any blogging platform. You have to spend your time and effort to make your content. 

It doesn’t mean you can’t get ideas and information for others work but make it your own by using only the important points or information you need

The number 1 is for the title tag, Number 2 text box in for your content and number 3 is to publish your blog