How to create a menu in WordPress

A guide on how to create a menu in WordPress. This is for the contents below your website/blog name or above your blog post/article which will take you to different parts of your website

The most common links added are Pages such as About, Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

It can be also used to add your Categories/label, for example, I have Adsense, Analytics, Blogger, Search Console, SEO, Tools, and WordPress

FIRST, log in to your blog and choose appearance from the left side of your interface

SECOND, It will expand with multiple options and click on menus under the appearance

LASTLY, I will use my Categories for example and expand it, select all and click on the button add to the menu,

Under the menu, settings choose display location or Primary Menu (This will show it above your post or under website name) and

Click on the save menu button


You can follow along to the steps to delete the whole menu or only a specific item or page

FIRST, log in to your WordPress blog and choose the appearance option

SECOND, After appearance expands choose the menus option

LASTLY, If you want to delete the whole menu then click on the delete menu text at the bottom of the page


If you want to delete only a specific item or page, expand it and click on the removed text

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