How to add logo in WordPress

A guide on how to add a logo in WordPress. It is part of building a brand for your business and I would want you to work on your contents at the beginning or early days

I would not recommend this or worry about it if your someone who is just getting started or newbie but when you started to have some authority like a good number of page views and ranking then you can start working on it

The recommend size is 248 X 248 pixel and the file should be less than 128 MB

FIRST, Go to your dashboard and choose the appearance option

SECOND, It will expand with multiples option and click on the customize option

THIRD, Choose/click on the site identity option under customizing page

FOURTH, Under Logo, click on the site logo text

FIFTH, A popup page will be shown, click on select file button to browse through your computer for your image/photo or you can do a drag and drop

SIXTH, After you add/upload your image or photo and click on the select button at the lower right corner of the page

SEVEN, click on the crop image button which is at the lower right side under crop image

LASTLY, Click on the publish button at the top if the page


FIRST, Login to your website/blog and choose appearance option

SECOND, Click/choose customize when appearance expand with multiple options

THIRD, A popup page will slide in from the left side of your interface and choose the site identity option

LASTLY, Click on the remove button just below the image/photo and the publish button to save

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