How to write a blog post for Beginners

For this blog post, it will be how to write a blog for beginners and what it takes to make a blog. I haven’t master nor perfect it when I write a blog post but I’ll show you whatever I have learned about my blog post template

What I have learned from my blogging journey so far. I hope it can be informative and useful.

I did the best I can to elaborate in a way it can be understood by someone who’s just getting started


I have written a small paragraph about the blog post I am going to write about ‘how to write a blog post for beginners’. which consists of a few lines. Where you can see the keyword for this blog post and a little intro in the paragraph what I am about going to write/talk about is the Meta description

Add a bit about your experience or what you think in that paragraph

The recommended length is above 70 words to 320 words is ideal for the first paragraph or introduction.


For this part, your going have to write everything you can about your query (keyword)

Explain it in a very detailed guide or step by step without missing or skipping every information on it

Let’s take an example by those who do a review about certain products on their site

If you have witnessed a review about gadgets like iPhone, Samsung phone, Google Pixel phones, etc on a website and other clothing reviews like Adidas, Puma, Nike, etc. to name a few products.

They will write a blog with everything about the product even the smallest things or details about the product which help their site optimized for SEO (Search engine Optimization).

There more in-depth you are when you write a blog post it is better for your site to rank better in SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

Anyone who searches for a product/information wants the most complete information possible if you can do it then it good for your site SEO


This part will only be used by websites which do reviews, experiments, case studies but no going to necessary for response post like how to’s or guide on something

It doesn’t mean it’s bad but put it in a way people can decide according to its pro’s and con’s so, that they can decide to buy or not according to their requirements

 which is to share your knowledge in a way that every reader of your blog post finds their answer or solve their problems/confusions

I hope you find something you can take away from this blog post and it’s applicable for affiliate Marketing for a product post

As someone who blogs here my little experience for my writing format in English

Make sure to write your paragraph which ranges from 1 to 6 lines and anything in between will also work. I think you might have noticed in this post as well

Use simple or laymen terms to make it simple for the readers to understand and sentence/words which will be used by the searcher in search engines

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