How to verify Id and Pin in Google AdSense

A guide on how to verify Id (Identity) and Pin in Google AdSense. I’ll elaborate it the best way I can on when I did it for mine. You can do this or have access to it only when you made or earn a total of $10 (Dollar). The minimum requirements you need to fulfill so, you can continue earning from it


The photo you upload need to show the person face and name properly which you need to turn off your flash if you’re using your smartphone or camera to take the picture

If you are from India like me you can use your any one of these such as Pan card, Aadhar card, Driving license, Passport, Voter id

FIRST, You will have a notification in account with a sentence saying your payments are currently on hold. Action is required to release payment


If you go to your payments it will also have a notification with verifying your identity yo receive payments

SECOND, It will show the popup page but will be too big to show the whole page. You need to click on the three dots vertically placed on the right upper side of your browser and put the Zoom to about 75% to fit in your monitor

LASTLY, you need to upload a photo or scan of your Passport, Driving license or National Identity card any one of them will work and click on the confirm info button


After verifying your identity, it will give you a new notification which says your payments are currently because you have not verified your address

The pin will be sent to you by post which will contain a 6 digit number.

The estimated time predicted to reach you Google AdSense will be is between 2-4 weeks but it can take shorter depending on where you live

You have only 3 tries to enter the pin but no need to panic just take you time

FIRST, Click on the notification on your account dashboard


Go to the account option in your interface

Next to Address verification click on the verified address words

LASTLY, Enter the Pin you receive through the mail which is inside the envelope and click on submit button

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