How to use Google keyword planner for free 2021

Using Google keyword planner to get ideas for your website niche which is a free tool. There is quite a lot of them in the market which is paid as well as free. They give you the search volume for a month, the competition for that keyword, and cost per click (CPC) but it is not accurate. The stats you get from it are estimates

The other name is Google Adwords Keyword Planner you will spend money only if you are running an ad except that it’s free of cost

Here is a step-by-step guide or tutorial on how to have access Google Keyword Planner with the help of images or screenshot

FIRST, Search for GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER and click and choose the one I pointed out from among the options.

SECOND, After clicking on the link, it will take you to the Adwords help page where you can find three options on the right upper part of the page. Where you can find and see ADWORDS and choose and click on it

THIRD, From there it will take you to Google Adwords page Where you have two options to choose and sign in but before you sign in. The first you need to choose and click on is TOOLS and just below that there will be an option KEYWORD PLANNER to choose too

FOURTH, After you sign in, by the way, it might not take you to the right page on your first try. If that happens to try it again. You can see or find a Bolt remover tool sign or symbol click on that and then you will have multiple options with a pop-up page. Once your there you can find the word keyword planner on the outermost left side from among the option.

FIFTH, You will have two option from among them choose and click on find new keywords which are on the left side of your monitor

LASTLY, Just type in your keyword which can be a word or sentence. You can find out about estimate search volume for your keywords and the way the words or sentence are being used by peoples to search for that specific keyword


 If you are still having to have trouble to get to the tools page in AdWords where you can use the free google keyword planner instead of the AdWords page where you run an ad campaign is shown

Go to your google chrome browser and clear the history of your browser

To start the process again from the beginning. Click on the vertically placed three dots on you chrome which is placed in the upper right side of your chrome

There will be a long list option from the popup page from among them to choose HISTORY to follow the extension and click on the HISTORY again.

It will take you to a page where your chrome search history is listed and click on the clear browsing data option

From there a pop-up page will be shown where you have to confirm you are clearing your browsing data by clicking on the clear data button.

It will take a few minutes

After that, start the process from the beginning to have access to Google Keyword Planner


A recommended tip on how to find the best keywords for your website.

Search for a broad sentence or words and try different variations as well, which will be different from every industry

You will get a lot of ideas for the article or post you want to write about. From the top 100 ( hundred ) keywords or so the result, use or take the ones which can be incorporated into a post or article for your site. The results you see are things people search about in Google looking for an answer

If you are a new website start with low competition keywords with an estimated traffic range of between 0-250 or so search volume per month and low competition after you started ranking for those terms then you can go after bigger or competitive keywords.

Something you can do is take your keyword, start typing in your chrome browser if it autofill, or complete itself it is good a good indication that people are searching for that query. It will also show you related search for the topic which you can incorporate in your post

It will be a question around your niche and is called a long-tail keyword in the blogging industry.


It is applicable to YouTube as well if you are looking for keywords to use for creating videos for your channel

Add or include the keywords related to your videos in the description and tag them as well just before you upload/publish your video

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