How to add image in WordPress posts

A guide on how to upload an image/photos in WordPress. There are different ways but the one I am covering is the simplest one of them all. If you are a blogger who is a newbie or experienced. You would know that it helps you with your ranking one way or another

if you can or have access to infographic image or animation I would suggest you to use it explain your content or you can just use .jpeg image or photo but make sure they are in KB (kilobyte) not in MB (megabyte)

Just, for example, I use a screenshot image or picture to make a certain task easier or simpler.

FIRST, I will skip all the process of login, create a new post, and everything in between. While you are working on your content, every time you go to a new paragraph a symbol will be shown on the right side.

The one on the left end where you can find/see a square with a plus (+) in it and click on it

SECOND, A pop up small page will be shown and click on the image option which has the avatar and text

FINISH, A rectangular box with three buttons or options will be shown.

UPLOAD button will be to use from your PC or Computer by navigation through your save files

MEDIA LIBRARY button will be used if want to re-use images which have been uploaded before for your other contents

INSERT FROM URL button will be useful if you really want to use other works or image which have copyright and to link it back to its the source. Click on the crooked arrow to apply or activate the link

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