How to add custom domain to Blogger 2021

You wanna learn how to add/setup/use a custom domain to blogger after purchasing it from a third party. It could be from any one of them but the good thing is it’s similar for almost all of them

The thing you need is to get familiar with the Cpanel (control panel). what I mean is that the interface or placement of the buttons are different for every service provider


You can change your blogger domain name under Publishing. The free Blogspot domain in blog address and the third-party in custom domain option

You are going to lose your organic traffic and ranking for Blogspot subdomain while By doing 301 redirects can help you maintain site traffic and ranking for custom or third-party domain

FIRST, Log in to your blogger blog and click on settings

SECOND, Scroll down look for publishing and choose/click on custom domain text option

THIRD, A popup page will be shown, enter the domain you bought including the www at the beginning and click on the save text

FOURTH, This will be different for everyone in blogger blog but I am just showing you what you should look for as an example which I underline in red color

You need to create/add the two CNAME using the codes/records to your domain service provider

Both name in Host and Destination in Points to

You can look at the last step image of this post for reference

FIFTH, Login or sign in to your Cpanel (control panel) of your domain provider it could be GoDaddy, NameCheap, etc. to name a few

But I personally use Hostinger, the steps will most likely be similar but different placement or interface as I have mentioned before

DOMAINS > select one if you have multiple > DNS ZONE

SIXTH, Make four A (host) use @ symbol for host and the blogger IP address you need are

TTL is set at 1 hour by the majority

LASTLY, In the above post or fourth step I mention we need the two lines of codes or records to make a CNAME using them.

You just need to add or make two CNAME and no need to delete the others on the list

After that, go back to your blogger blog and click on the Save button

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