How to remove date from WordPress url

So, this is for how to remove the date from permalink/URL in WordPress. It might be an advantage to remove or not show it. In the early days, you might be able to maintain a good CTR (click-through rate) and as years pass on I think it will reduce it

Why! I think psychologically it doesn’t have a good first impression what you would think is it won’t be able to solve your problem or it feels outdated for some reason without even knowing the content

There is something I need to address if your website or blog is new it won’t have much effect but I would not recommend doing this if your ranking is high in SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

This is the simplest one I know and it works for me because I am using it myself

FIRST, Log in to your account and click on settings which is second from the bottom

SECOND, It will expand will multiple options among them choose and click on permalinks

THIRD, There will be multiple formats in the list but we are trying to remove the date so, choose post name and don’t forget to click on save settings after you are done choosing

LASTLY, After this, every time you are going to publish a new post go to the title section and click on change permalink button to match your URL and post title

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