How to remove comment box in wordpress

You have a website or blog and want to know how to remove the comment box in WordPress post. There are people who prefer to keep it and there are people prefer not but I think it’s according to their personal preference

The good thing about it is you can communicate with your readers who like your contents or learn from it etc. on the other hand there are people who spam the comment section with links

FIRST, Login or sign to your dashboard and click on settings from the editing options

SECOND, You will have multiple options from it and from among them choose Discussion

THIRD, Under Default article settings, remove the tick from the box in the third option which allows people to post comments on new articles

In Other comment settings, By default, it will set to 14 days but you can set it your own preference on how many days you want the comment box to be in your posts

FOURTH, After that, all the new posts you publish will work with the way you save it in your settings but for your old or already publish ones you need to disable or remove manually for each one

Go to each post-move your cursor around it and click on quick edit

LASTLY, You just need to remove the tick from the box in allow comments and click on the update


This is about how to enable comments on WordPress there isn’t much different from disable to enable. You just need to do the same but reverse some of the action you did in the settings

Follow up to the THIRD step from the above post.

Under Default settings, tick on allow people to post comments on new articles

Other comment settings, Add the number of days and tick on the box to show or allow comments

Don’t forget to click on the Save button which is at the bottom of the page

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