How to optimize images for SEO

This blog post is on how to optimize images for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is also part of it for bloggers to learn to do even the little things to improve the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for his/her blog to rank better in search result pages.

Search engines have many criteria to rank. It is a case of doing even the little things that can help your blog or site to rank better on search pages.

I will be showing you what to do to help improve it by naming my images in such a way it can be optimized for SEO.

Before that, I would like to show you some bad examples of naming your images. Some examples are :

I name this one using the initial of this post, some random alphabet or some random numbers

This one is considered good If I am going to talk about the whole SEO but for this post, it’s not so, it’s bad

To write the whole sentence or words on the images, you want to optimize according to the post name


From, Here on I’ll be showing or telling you how to name your images so that it can be optimized for SEO.

It is to use the keywords relating to your blog post. I’ll be naming them according to this post title or name. Look for the keywords for that certain post, for this post example it is SEO, images and optimizes. I’ll be adding these words in an order which can be read like a sentence

I name this image according to the keywords relating to this blog post. You can make a different sentence from those words which can be shuffled in any way. it just needs to make a sentence or sense for bots

Don’t forget to use a hyphen (-) between every word

I use the numbering in the end so, you won’t have a problem or confusion on where to upload that specific image if you have multiple images to upload.


You can use this method for your WordPress site without using a plugin and losing the quality of your images/photos

This is a really important part of it as well make sure your image size is in KB (kilobyte) not MB (megabyte). You can use an editor either online or offline to reduce it which in turn will load your page faster or the loading time is reduced.

You can use any of these sites to shrink the size of your images. To name a few tiny jpg and compress jpeg

It is an online tool and will decrease your image file size between 60-80%


Google or other search engines use bots to crawl a website so, it can figure out what the image is about with the words written on it means the name of the image. The hyphen (-) between every word will make it easy for bots to read

Click on the image and on the alt text (Alternative text) name you image according to your post or article

Whether you use WordPress, Blogger etc. they all have this function

You should do this to all your images in your website or blog

I bet your familiar with the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”

The most popularly used are infographics and camera photos but I would not recommend using free for commercial images.

If possible make or get them by yourself

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