How to manually install plugin in WordPress

Let’s go through on how to manually install plugin in WordPress. There are two reasons I can think of one will be to customize your theme in the way you would like and the other would be for ads

I would not recommend doing this for your blog or website unless it is from a reputed company or individual because you’re risking your site to hackers or scammers

FIRST, Login to your blog and click on plugin from your dashboard

SECOND, It will expand with a few options and choose and click on installed plugins

THIRD, Click on Add new which on the top part of the page

FOURTH, It will load a new page with upload plugin button and click on it

FIFTH, Click on choose file and browse through your computer to upload the .zip format file or you can do a drag and drop of the file

LASTLY, After it’s done loading the file and click on activate the plugin

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