How to embed YouTube video in WordPress

You need videos here is how to embed/add YouTube videos in WordPress. A format a lot is considering if not all because you need to improve your bounce rate and can indirectly improve your SEO for your website or blog.

To be honest I am guilty of this too because I prefer to watch a video about it then read a blog post. If I have to choose a format of learning about something

It’s something you should consider and even if you can make a decent one’s you already have an advantage

FIRST, Move your cursor around the paragraph box and click on the add block (plus sign or symbol in it)

SECOND, You will have a small popup page with multiple options, scroll down expand the Embeds option

THIRD, Among the options choose and click on YouTube

LASTLY, Go to YouTube and copy the URL of the video and paste it in the long rectangular box then Click on the embed button

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