How to edit URL in WordPress

Let me guide you on how to edit the URL/permalink in WordPress. If you are new or experienced in blogging you know or should know it’s good to match with your title and make it short with only the main keywords. It can be done while you are working on your content.

There is something you need to know if your post is ranking high in SERP this will affect the ranking and don’t do it unless you don’t have an option but to do it

To make or set it up like this is a way to optimize your content for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

FIRST, Login or sign in to your blog and click on posts

SECOND, Put your cursor around the post and click on the edit button or can be done while you are working on the content

LASTLY, On the right side of your interface, choose a document, expand the permalink and change the URL Slug to your preferred keywords or sentence

Don’t forget to put a hyphen (-) between every word and click on the update button at the top

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