How to edit a blog post in WordPress

This is a post about how to edit a blog post in WordPress. It can be any post which you have to publish only days ago or years ago which you might want to edit for errors or mistakes but updating your old content by editing to make it relevant can help it for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Which is why I would suggest you do it. I know I was scared too before I knew about it

FIRST, Make sure you are login or sign in to your dashboard and click on posts which will be in the upper part of the options

SECOND, Move your cursor around the post which you want to edit and you will have multiple options shown from among them choose and click on the first option from the left which is an edit button

LASTLY, You can work on your content in this page after you are done just as when you did it before click on published which is on the upper right corner of the interface

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