How to download Blogger templates

This blog post will be making a tutorial on how to download the Blogger templates/theme. It can be for different reasons, You customize or someone customizes you blogger theme or you bought a custom theme by the way they need some customization too, It can be download after it is applied to blogger if you want it for the future purpose for a new blog

This method can be done for both the theme provided by the blogger or third party 

FIRST, Go to your  Blogger blog look for THEME on the left side of your interface and click it.

SECOND, In the top part of the page, you will find/see a button right next to the customize button and click on it

THIRD, It will expand with a small page and choose/click on the backup text

LASTLY, A popup page will be shown and click on the download text to have a backup of your template/theme

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