How to disavow backlinks in Google search console

Got spam links this is how to disavow backlinks in Google search console and the other name is Google webmaster tools. If you are looking for this post I bet you already did your research and want to remove those because it can hurt your website from an SEO point of view

This is a free tool provided by Google to any website/blog owner so, you can use it get rid off those links that you don’t want and like but make sure you do proper research about the site

FIRST, Open a notepad from your computer which I believe is present on every computer. Enter or add the Domain or URL of the sites and save it

A notepad file format is in .txt

SECOND, You can search for it from your browser as Google disavow tool


Click on the question mark on the upper right side of your search console, you will have a popup page and search from disavow backlinks, scroll down and then find the sentence which says disavow links tool page

Just make sure you are login in from the right G-mail account

THIRD, You domain name will be shown or if you have multiple you can choose from it and click on the disavow links button

FOURTH, It will load a new page and click on the disavow links button again

FIFTH, A page will load for you where you can upload the file you created earlier. You can upload that file by clicking on the choose file button and browse through your computer

LASTLY, You will be shown a page where inside a rectangular box it will say successful in a sentence

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