How to delete WordPress user profile

In a website/blog, here is how to delete the WordPress user profile/admin. You need to be or have access to the admin for that specific website/blog only then you have the authority to delete or remove someone who have roles such as admin, author, contributor, editor and subscriber

For test or information purposely I created a new email address and add it to my website/blog and try to delete/remove myself but it didn’t work on my WordPress blog

FIRST, Login to your blog dashboard and choose Users option from the left side of your interface

SECOND, It will expand with a few options and choose all users if not by default

THIRD, Move or put your cursor to the name or ID you want to delete/remove and click on the delete option from the option shown

Another option, Tick on the box before the name or ID, expand the bulk actions option then choose delete and click on the apply button

LASTLY, A page Delete users will be shown and click on the Confirm Deletion button for confirmation

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