How to delete unused WordPress themes

Have a website/blog, A guide on how to delete unused WordPress themes. When you first set up or create your own website/blog using WordPress it will provide you 3 free themes including the one applied to your site

The pros of doing this to make your site a light as possible. Yes, I know it would not make a big difference but every little bit you can do to make your site load faster helps because you will have to add some plugins whether you like it or not

FIRST, Login to your dashboard and click on appearance option from the left side of your interface

SECOND, It will expand with multiple options and by default, it will choose themes if not click on it

THIRD, It will show you all the themes you have for your WordPress site. Move your cursor on the ones you want to delete and click on the theme details

FOURTH, A popup page of the theme will be shown and click on the deleted text which is on the lower right corner

LASTLY, Click on the ok button to confirm on the small popup page

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