How to delete category in WordPress

Let me guide you on how to delete a category in WordPress. It is beneficial for the website owner as well as the visitor where both can navigate through the contents and can expect to find what kind of posts is in which one.

By default, it will give you one when you create a new site. The name can be changed but not deleted

The visitor can expect what to find or see in that specific category whereas it makes it easier website owner when one needs to edit, update, etc.

FIRST, Login to your dashboard and click on posts

SECOND, It will expand with a few more options and from among them choose and click on categories

LASTLY, You will find yours on this page, tick the box, select delete and click on apply.


By doing this, your blog post will not get deleted only the category


The steps required on how to make a category in WordPress. It is not that complicated to make one. You can learn it right with some experience with blogging

Just follow the first and second steps on the above post where you will be in categories

Under add a new category, enter a name for your category and at the bottom part click on the add new category button to make one

I think you already know how to name yours

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