How to create a menu in Blogger

This blog post will be making a tutorial on how to create a Menu (Link List) in your Blogger. In this case, you are adding a link in your blog to your pages.

You can use this to create a menu tab to link to you’re about me, privacy policy, etc. as well

If you are sending your blog readers to another website through this method, to be honest, I would not recommend it unless it’s something related to your content

FIRST, Go to your blogger blog on the list on the left side and click on LAYOUT to another a page some editing options

SECOND, click on ADD A GADGET to the place where you want your link ( menu ) post to appear on every page of your blog post

THIRD, Scroll down on the list which shows up after you click on on the add a gadget Look for link list ( menu ) when you find it click on the plus symbol or on the name of the gadget, in this case, the link list ( menu )

LASTLY, On Configure Link List ( menu )

Add your page or category name

Paste the link in new site URL of the category/page/posts and click on the add link button

Don’t forget to click on the Save button

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