How to create a post in WordPress

This post will be about how to create/make a post in WordPress. It might be a little daunting to move in this platform at first but trust me it’s not that difficult if you have any prior experience in blogging even if it’s in blogger.

Yes. there is a little difference. I bet you that you did learn about your previous blogging platform while using it you can consider it the same thing for this platform as well

FIRST, Login to your WordPress blog and click on posts which will be in second from top

SECOND, You will see or have a few options from among them click on Add New


If you look at the top part of the same page you can also find or see Add New next to Post and click on it

LASTLY, Start writing or entering your content with a title and meta tag vice versa after you are done making your content you can click on published which will be on the upper right side of the page

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