How to change theme in Blogger

This blog post will be making a tutorial on how to change a theme in a blogger. Honestly, you can choose from the theme provided but it doesn’t look like a professional-looking blog but if you are serious about blogging even if you are doing for a part-time.

I would suggest you customize if you can or buy a custom theme for your website/blog so, that you can have a professional-looking blog.

There are 55 free themes provide by Blogger


Light, Dark, Pink, Aqua and Flamingo


Light, Dark, Neon, Pink and Red


Procelain, Toolbox, Apron, Technica and Flamingo


Light, Coral, Dracula, Pink and Antique




Bold, Simply Simple, Pale, Dark, Deep, Literate and Wide

Dynamic Views:

Classic, Flipcard, Magazine, Mosaic, Sidebar and Snapshot

Picture Window:

Shade, Open and Screen

Awesome Inc:

Light, Dark, Groovy, Renewable, Artsy and Icy


Navigator, Birds, Flower and Bubblegum


Humming birds two tone, Blossoms single blue and Leaves gold simple


Studio, Flight, Beach and Road

FIRST, Go to your blogger blog, choose and click THEME on the left side of your dashboard.

SECOND, Scroll down and there will be free themes provided by blogger. You can click once on any one of them, it will expand show you a bigger version of it

There will three buttons below the theme

Preview button will show you what it will look like on website when it’s live

Customize button will be useful to those who want to change the look and feel of theme

Apply button is to activate the theme on your website/blog

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