How to change the name of your blog on Blogger

In this blog post will be making a tutorial on how to change the name/title of your blog on blogger. It will be best to use the name to your domain/address

The maximum length it supports is 100 characters. A combination of 1-3 words are mostly used and recommended

I would say the majority of the people use the same name for a blog and domain name. I will recommend the same to anyone who is thinking of a name/title for your blog/website


You can change it in the title which is under Basic section from settings option

FIRST, Go to your Blogger blog and Click SETTINGS option which is on the left side of your interface

SECOND, Under Basic section, click on the title text just below it

LASTLY, A small popup page will be shown, enter you preferred title could be a word/sentence and click on the save text which is at the bottom right side

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