How to change site Language in WordPress

Here is how to change the site language in WordPress. You think about blogging with your native (mother tongue). It will be fine if you don’t have thoughts on monetizing and earn from it. You can do this just because you like it and provide information for people

Your target audience will be much lesser if you compare it with English written blogs. There is still a lot of people who search for anything or everything even if English is not their first language.

There are 123 language supported by WordPress

You can monetize your website if your language (Mother’s tongue) is recognized by Google through AdSense

FIRST, Login into your blog and click on settings which is the second from the bottom of the long list of options to be specific

SECOND, The options will expand with multiple options and it will choose general by default if not click on it which is first on the list

LASTLY, Look for site language, horizontally there will be a rectangular box pick your preferred one for your blog or website

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