How to change role name in WordPress

You have multiple people working on a website this is how to change role name in WordPress. It started out as a joint venture, Invite Guest authors or hire more people to run and maintain the website/blog are a few scenarios I can think of

I have mentioned this before as well the Administrator should be limited to only founders, Owners, Co-founders and you can assign invited or hire people to other roles such as Author, Editor, Contributor and Subscribers

FIRST, Login to your blog and click on the Users option which is on the left side of your dashboard

SECOND, It will expand with a few more options, by default it will choose all users if not click on it

LASTLY, Under users, you will have all of them listed.

Choose or click on the square box which is on the left side of the name, Expand change role to option and pick the one you want to assign the person too and click on the change button

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