How to change payee name in AdSense

Already have an approve or verify the account, here is how to change payee name in AdSense. It can be a personal or external reason you want to change it whatever the case may be. I think it will be more likely to be related to your information details

There is something you need to do is to make sure your new payment information details e.g bank account, name, etc. which needs to match down to every letter or number.

FIRST, Login to your account dashboard and click on the payments option

SECOND, Scroll down and Under Settings, you will see a text which says manage Settings click on it

THIRD, At the bottom part of the page, you will find payments contacts and click on the Symbol ( v ) on the side

LASTLY, It will expand under contact details click on the pen or pencil symbol and enter the name you’re preferred.

After that click on the Save button

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