How to change HTTP to HTTPS in Blogger

In this post, we will be doing a redirect on how to change HTTP to HTTPS in Blogger. As the name indicates Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure where the S means secure over the HTTP which a hacker or scammer can snuff out information or data of yours which is a transfer from your browser to a website. It allows your blog or site visitors over an encrypted connection.

The HTTPS (secure) is free for every blogger user and if you use a custom domain/address it might take a while to calibrate

Making your website or blog secure can save you from harm which can happen directly or indirectly. The most common place where you can notice is e-commerce sites where millions of people use or enter their personal information.

FIRST, Login or go to your blogger blog and click on settings which is on the left side of the interface

LASTLY, Under settings you will have multiple options from among them is a basic option which likely to be chosen by default if not click on it

Turn on the HTTPS redirect button by pushing it to the right side

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