How to change the date of a blog post in Blogger

In this post, we will learn how to change the date of a blog post in Blogger. Just for information type post that won’t change in time, it’s also possible. It is a great way to update your content for more CTR (Click Through Rate) and of course for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Google likes updated or fresh content. Let’s be honest here, you wouldn’t want to click on a link or site if it’s too old you feel like it would be outdated and won’t be useful in the present day.

FIRST, log in to your blogger blog and go to your posts

SECOND, When you are in your posts lists and click on the post you want to change the date

THIRD, On the right side of the interface expand by clicking on the inverted triangle next to preview and choose the revert to draft option from the options

LASTLY, Click on the publish on the option to expand the date option, change the date to your preferred choice manually or the automatic option will change the day and time automatically when you update it

Click on the publish button which is orange in color

LASTLY, To finish the process, click on the confirm text in the popup page

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