How to change Google Blogger email address

A step by step guide on how to change Google blogger email address. If you want to desert/delete your current login account for any reason before doing that you can transfer/send the ownership of your existing blogger blog to the new Gmail account of your preferred choice.

It’s obvious but the new email needs to be a Gmail account as well where transferring the ownership will be easier or smoother


You can change your email address or ID by transferring the ownership from one to another Gmail account

FIRST, Log in to your blog dashboard and click on the Settings option on the left side of your interface

SECOND, Scroll down look for permission and choose/click on invite more authors text

THIRD, A small popup page will be shown, enter/add your new email address and click on the send text at the bottom right side

FOURTH, Go/login to your account which will become your new email after this, open the mail in your inbox sent from blogger and click on the accept invitation button

FIFTH, A new page will load, click on the sign-in button and a blogger account is created for your new email through the invitation

SIXTH, The invitation is valid for a day and click on the accept invitation button

SEVEN, You will have to go back or log in to blogger blog again through your old email address and go to settings option

EIGHT, Scroll down to permission section and click on the blog admins and authors text

LASTLY, Look horizontally to the new email you added/invite, expand the triangle shape by clicking on it, choose admin option and click on the save text

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