How to change author name in WordPress

Do you know how to change the author name/username in WordPress. This will be your name synonymous with you in the blogging world. I cannot decide for you which name you should choose but you are still building your personal as well something to keep in mind

A name that is close to your roots and who you are would be a good one. to put it simply, your legit full or short name which everyone should know you by will be a good one


Choose user in your dashboard, after it expands click on your profile, change or edit the nickname and choose your new username by expanding display name publicly as

FIRST, Login to your dashboard and from the options in the left side of your interface click on the users

SECOND, the user will expand with more options and choose and click on your profile

LASTLY, Enter or change the name you want in the nickname and select that one in display name publicly as

After that, Scroll down to the bottom and click on the update profile button to save or apply the changes into your blog

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