How to buy a domain from Google

This post is about making a tutorial on how to buy a domain from Google.

It is probably one of the cheapest places to buy one which ranges between $12-15 considering taxes.

it’s an estimate because taxes work differently in every country and are included.

To put it into simple words it means if you are serious about your blogging. It is recommended to every blogger to buy yourself one from the early stages so, if you do it later you should know that you are going to start again from scratch again, take this as a piece of advice if it’s okay for you

FIRST, Search for GOOGLE DOMAINS in your browser and choose any one of the screenshots shown in my post. It works on either of the link shown in my screenshot.

SECOND, It will take you to page where you can enter you the DOMAIN NAME you want and click search. There is something I would like to recommend choosing a name or words which will be easy to remember and simple but It still describes your blog niche or contents.

It will make the people who land on you remember and they are likely to come back to your site or blog if it is informative for them.

THIRD, If the domain name you want is available there will be BUY button and some suggestion as well in the list. If you like it you can proceed with it by clicking on the BUY button.

FOURTH, You will have to fill up some details of your contact information just basics like you fill-up for a new account for SNS or e-mail and one thing it’s NON-REFUNDABLE. Google domain cost around $12-15 for one year.

FIFTH, It will ask you if want the Google domain name to be automatically renewed with the payment card you use or you can choose SKIP if you want to do it manually every year. I’ll leave the decision to you how you want to pay by automatic or manually.

SIXTH, An offer will pop up with custom e-mail using your blogger name. You can opt it out by choosing NO, THANKS but the decision is yours. its payment is per month.

SEVEN, Your card details and some details information to be filled up before you make your payment for the Google domain you are about to purchase

LASTLY, It will show a pop-up page showing the completion of your Google domain purchase and registration. This is the whole process of buying a domain from Google.


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