How to add YouTube video in Blogger

This blog post will be making a tutorial on how to add/embed a Youtube video in Blogger. The videos can be used to complement your blog posts if you have videos too. There are two formats of uploading videos, one being from your computer and the other from YouTube.

If you want to use videos to compliment your blog post make sure to take or drag the videos from youtube so, it links back to YouTube or the channel owner but do not download the video and upload it to your site

The best option will be if you have your own videos on YouTube to share your blog. It can help improve the bounce rate

FIRST, Go to your blogger blog and create a new post by clicking on the orange text new post on the left side of your interface

SECOND, After you create a post, the toolbar present horizontally in your blogger there will be an option to insert video symbol and click on it

THIRD, It will expand with a small popup page and choose/click on the youtube option

LASTLY, Under Add a Video,

Search for the video you want to add/embed in your blogger blog in the search bar by choosing the search option

Choose uploads option if you want to upload your own videos

Choose your video by clicking on the video and click on the select button

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