How to add tags in WordPress

This blog post is about how to add tags in WordPress. I think this is more like a preference depending upon an individual. Some might like it or some might not. The process is without the help of any plugin

The decision up to you whether you would like to add them or not. If you are someone who feels reassured by adding them you should or if you are someone who doesn’t mind then it’s okay not to add them

FIRST, Login to your blog and click on posts from the options which are on your left side

SECOND, Move your cursor around a blog post and click on the quick edit option

LASTLY, Under tags section on the far left side box add the words or sentence and click on the update button


This part is about how to remove tags in WordPress. You can consider this as a duplicate title to optimize the content but the words or sentence still need to match or similar with the post or article

The first and second steps will be the same from the above post. You can use it for reference

In this part, delete or remove the contents which is words or sentence and after that click on the update button

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