How to add pages in WordPress

A necessity for website/blog here is how to add pages in WordPress. I think most people don’t know about it or the importance of it when they are new or getting started. You need to have them to keep yourself from legal-related problems

The pages you need to create for your website/blog are Privacy policy, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer and About

There are a few sites where you can generate such as Privacy Policy Generator and Terms feed for free but will cost you some money for a Business.

About page, if you can create by yourself or your team then that’s great. My steps for writing one would follow these points who you are, why you got started and what is your goal

FIRST, Login to your blog and click on the pages option

SECOND, Create or add four pages which I have mention above or shown in the images

THIRD, Go to appearance option and choose widgets

FOURTH, Look for Pages from the multiples options and click on it. It will expand with a few options to choose you can pick anyone between content-bottom 1 and content-bottom 2

For information content-bottom 1 will be on the left side while content-bottom 2 will be placed on the right side.

LASTLY, You don’t need to enter any letters or numbers. Just click Done and after that Save button

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