How to add pages in Blogger

Let me guide you on how to add pages on blogger. it’s something every website or blog owner needs because you never know what will happen and can save you from troubles.

They are part of your blog but does not work or perform like your posts where you teach or guide your readers

The pages you need are About us, Privacy Policy, Terms, and conditions or terms of use, and disclaimer.

You need to work on your about us by yourself or get help if you can’t and for the contact form you can just use add a widget

You can generate a Privacy policy for free on privacy policy generator. The likes of Terms and conditions, a disclaimer for free if you are an individual in termsfeed

FIRST, Go to your blogger blog and click on pages from the options

SECOND, click on the orange color circle with a plus sign logo within it to create new pages just like you would make a post by copy and paste the contents you generated. It is where you can create your about, privacy policy, disclaimer and terms & conditions

THIRD, Enter the about, privacy policy, disclaimer and terms & conditions in the title (1) according to the page you are adding/creating

Paste/add the contents in the text box (2)

At the upper right side, click on the triangle shape which is pointing the right side to save (3).


FIRST, Go back to your dashboard in blogger and choose the layout option

SECOND, Scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on add a gadget option to any of the options which has label footer

THIRD, A popup page with multiples options will be shown and choose/click on pages

LASTLY, Tick all the pages you added or want to show at the bottom of your website/blog and click on the save button

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