How to add multiple authors in WordPress

Need a copywriter a step-by-step guide on how to add multiple authors or new user in WordPress. There are different types of website/blog which requires contents to publish at a different pace. A few examples would be news site creates a lot of content even on a daily basis but a small niche site would still be fine at a few days of interval

I would recommend the Administrator to only Founders or Co-founders and hire or paid authors would be fine with the other option such as Subscribers, Contributor, Author, and Editor.

FIRST, Login to your blog dashboard and click on Users

SECOND, It will expand with a few options and click on Add new

THIRD, Under Add new user page make sure to fill the Username and e-mail. The person you needs to the details as well

FOURTH, An e-mail will be sent to the person and he/she just needs to follow the link

LASTLY, It needs to be at least 12 characters. The person needs to change the password to something he/she can remember using Letters, Numbers, Upper case, Lower case and Symbol at the WordPress Admin login page

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