How to add hyperlink in Blogger

This blog post will be making a tutorial on how to add a hyperlink to a blogger website. One way is to link to another post of your blog through interlinks between posts and it can be also used for affiliates links to the products you recommend

The process is less intrusive and gives a cleaner look to your website. While you are creating or writing your content you are going to look for words/sentence where you can add links to your other posts or affiliates

FIRST, Hold the left click/button of your mouse, drag it along your preferred words/sentence

SECOND, After you highlight your words/sentence, click on insert or edit link in your toolbar

THIRD, It will expand with a small popup page and click on the create/edit URL option

LASTLY, 1) Add/paste the domain/website you want in URL to link to

2) If you don’t want your site visitor to leave your site tick/choose to open the link in a new window

3) Tick/choose the Add ‘rel=nofollow’ if you are linking to affiliate products because you don’t want Google or search engines bots to follow the link

Click OK text

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