How to add header image in Blogger

A guide on how to add header image in Blogger. You can use this same method for animation or logo as well. The size is important here because it needs to be aligned or place exactly in the middle if not it will be more on the left side

You can use an editor or online tool to resize your image to your preferred size. I would recommend using graphic or Photo taken by cameras for a better quality of your image

The minimum recommended size is 890 x 890 pixels

A bigger or greater image will also work but doesn’t work in the new or latest interface

FIRST, Log in to your blog dashboard and click on the theme option

SECOND, click on the customize button which is an orange color

THIRD, Choose Gadgets, Header (Your Blog name) and configure text

LASTLY, Choose file button to browse through your computer, You have the option to use an image from another site if you want

For placement, you can choose instead of title description, Have a description placed after the image and shrink to fit but with behind title and description you can’t see your image

Don’t forget to click on the Save button

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