How to add Google Analytics tracking code to Blogger

A guide for how to add Google Analytics tracking code to Blogger. The platforms are both own by the same company. In short, it is used to understand how your readers or people interact with your website which means the content

As for my experience, Adding the code in the HTML seems to work right away whereas I tried adding the Analytics tracking ID first but didn’t work for me or my test.

It will take at least 24 hours to start seeing data or information in your Analytics account


FIRST, log in to your account

Click Admin (Gear icon) > Under property click tracking info > tracking code

Copy the Google site tag

SECOND, Go to the dashboard of your blogger blog and click on the theme option

THIRD, In the upper part of the page, there is button with a triangle shape within it right next to customize and click it

FOURTH, A popup page will be shown and choose/click on the Edit HTML option

LASTLY, Scroll down to the bottom part of the page and add or paste the code right below the closing </body> tag

After that, click on Save theme which is at the upper right corner


FIRST, login into your Analytics account

Click on Admin (gear icon) > choose tracking info under the property > tracking code

Copy the code which is in this format UA-XXXXXXXXX-X, where X’s are numbers

SECOND, Go to your blogger blog dashboard and click on Settings

THIRD, Under Basic, there will be multiples option and choose/click on Google Analytics property ID

FOURTH, A small popup page will be shown, add/paste the Google Analytics property ID you generate and click on the save text

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