How to add Favicon in WordPress

You can follow these steps on how to add Favicon in WordPress. I have talked a bit about it when I wrote about it for blogger. You can consider it apart of branding for you and your website/blog

The recent update rolls out by Google made it is necessary for every website/blog to have it, on the contrary, the sites who do not have it will have a penalty but nothing major will use your logo instead

The minimum recommended is 512 x 512 pixel which is for both the length (tall) and breath (wide). The site icon should be square in size

FIRST, Login to your blog and click on Appearance option on the left side of your interface

SECOND, It will expand with options, choose and click on customize

THIRD, A pop-up page will slide in the from the left side of your screen and click on the Site Identity option

FOURTH, You can see or find site icon on the lower part of the page and click on the select site icon

FIFTH, A page will load and click on the button to browse through your computer or you can do a drag and drop as well

SIXTH, The image or photo will be shown and will be chosen by default. Click on select button on the lower right side of the page

SEVEN, It will show you a preview on the page with the option to crop as per your liking.

You can click on Skip cropping option to go to the next step

LASTLY, Click on the Published button which is on the upper part on the next page

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