How to add external theme in WordPress

It is about how to manually add an external theme in WordPress. I would assume everyone receives three free themes. You would know by now that there are a few free themes provided to get your website or blog up and running maybe it might be different for every hosting service. I can’t confirm for every service provider

It’s more likely that you want to use a customize or paid one for faster load speed so, you can have an edge over your competitor.

I bet you will click on the back button if it takes too long and has done this myself too


By changing your theme you won’t lose any of your contents

Make sure to download a backup/XML of your while site

You are changing only the UI/UX of your site

I recommend everyone to always have a backup file of their whole site for safety measure

FIRST, Login to your blog, choose and click on appearance option on the left side of your interface

SECOND, It will expand with more options and by default, it will choose themes if not click on it

THIRD, At the top of the page, you will find add new button and click on it


You can see a square box with a plus sign in the middle with a text add a new theme and click on it

FOURTH, The page will refresh or reload with a new option button which will say upload theme and click on that

LASTLY, Click on choose file and browse through your computer or you can do a drag and drop. You can just upload the .zip file directly from your computer without the need to extract or unzip it

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