How to add anchor link in WordPress

I will be guiding you on how to add anchor links in WordPress. There are a few reasons and probably going to be the most common form of using it. The most used method will be linking it to another page of yours or someone else blog or site.

To add affiliate of yours could be a great way of monetizing your content without using banner ads which could give a bad user experience

FIRST, Make sure you are login or sign in and click on posts

SECOND, create a new post like you usually do and enter or work on your content. You can include words or sentence just for that but just make sure it flows naturally or flows


You can also go back to your already published post look for words or sentence where you can add them

LASTLY, After finding places where you can or want to add. It could be a word or a sentence.

Left-click, hold it and drag it along the word or sentence. Once it is marked you will get a toolbar and click on chain symbol for it to pop-up to enter your URL.

After that don’t forget to click on the crooked arrow next to it

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